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How Oil and Gas Companies Can Compete in the Low-Carbon Future

Moreover, even after facing a 30% decrease in demand, industry leaders are required to respond to the declared energy transition efficiently….

Net-Zero by 2050: What Technologies O&G Leaders Need to Get There?

The part the O&G industry plays in reaching the net zero emissions goal Obviously, the Paris Agreement can’t remain on…

Improving Oil and Gas Enterprise Efficiency with Data

Selecting a path of data analysis is just the first step. But it’s also the ability to translate oil and…

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How to Cut Operating Costs and Set Your Business for Vigorous Growth

Currently, organizations in the oil and gas industry need to constantly and actively develop practices to cut operational costs in order…

Top 7 Oil and Gas Trends for 2021: Technology as a Way to Survive the Crisis

But what technologies actually help beat competitors? How is the oil and gas industry doing in 2021? Based on our…