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Net-Zero by 2050: What Technologies O&G Leaders Need to Get There?

When in 2015 representatives of 197 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach net zero by 2050, it felt like a distant future. The world expected that by…

Improving Oil and Gas Enterprise Efficiency with Data

You might have heard the buzzing phrase “data is the new oil,” originally suggested by Clive Humby in 2006. Not…

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How to Cut Operating Costs and Set Your Business for Vigorous Growth

When disturbances, such as a global pandemic, change the market conditions, enterprises face the challenge to realign their cost structures….

Top 7 Oil and Gas Trends for 2021: Technology as a Way to Survive the Crisis

Petroleum and gas production companies are now under significant pressure caused by COVID-19. The price crash, overstocked market, lockdowns, and…