Document Digitization as a Service (DDaaS)

Monitoring the production integrity is no easy task. What’s even harder is keeping track of and then processing all the data your company handles daily. Land management, legal, operations, and outside parties require clean records to run a business in an industry dependent on leases and right-of-ways. Meanwhile, O&G document management is mostly paper-based and error-prone. It’s been a consistent challenge for the energy and utility sector.

100% automation of paper-based processes

Digital Oil & Gas Solutions offers a Document Digitization as a Service (DDaaS) approach to replace inefficient manual information processing. We leverage a cross-industry workflow automation platform that accelerates your full-on business digitalization. It transforms 100 percent paper-dependent processes into a fully paperless flow. We can convert all your papers and PDFs into reportable, actionable digitized data. Our system continuously learns document types and adjusts templates. It eliminates the need for filing cabinets and facilitates the shift to digital-based work with vast amounts of information.

Key features

Two-phase document digitization

Two-phase document digitization

We scan all your papers to PDFs and run them through the two-level classification. All the documents go through deduplication and are organized into a custom searchable repository created from scratch. The platform extracts important classifications to a table structure and places them in your applications or reporting tables. It selects only those documents that matter to you, thus, saves your time and money.

Convenient document categorization

Convenient document categorization

Our service structures all the data according to your needs and makes it easy to find, interpret, analyze, and update any required records. You can assign different access levels to users. Make more barrels a day with faster operations and lower costs instead of wasting time searching through piles of paper.

Consumption-based business model

Consumption-based business model

We utilize only reputable, secure cloud solutions that enable on-demand storage scalability. You pay only for what you use while gaining 24/7 information availability. All cloud resources can be visualized and optimized according to your business goals at any moment.

How DDaaS benefits your business

Affordable automation of O&G operations


Our system enables you to keep a digital list of vendors, approval levels, payment details, and more. You can digitize entire paper-based management, turning it into an electronic document flow. Analyze a whole approval cycle to audit document attributes in time. Create a digital library of all processed documents for easy, quick access and move tickets to service entry sheets in just a few clicks.

95%+ workflow optimization


Enterprise-wide digitalization is one of the fundamental success factors for any industry. Our unique, cloud-based system eliminates dozens of manual processes, transforming them into digital artifacts and data insights. Those operations that used to take hours now take only minutes. You gain an accurate view of all your assets in one document digitization software with intuitive navigation for smarter decision-making and faster business operations.

Fewer errors, higher employee productivity


No need to manually enter the necessary data in a system to start documentation processing anymore. Your workforce won’t spend precious time sorting through tons of land management documents, invoices, spreadsheets, and others. You will save expenses and reduce human errors. Refocus your staff on business-critical tasks and increase their productivity by delegating documentation processing to our automation tool.

Scalable and secure document storage


Forget about additional space for filing cabinets, endless stacks of papers, or on-premises hardware that require large investments, permanent support, and maintenance. Take advantage of cloud technologies and document digitization service to store your documents more securely and cost-efficiently. Quickly scale up digital capacities as your enterprise grows.