Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)

O&G enterprise data management is one of the toughest challenges. It requires an immense amount of paperwork and manual effort. Even today, in most companies information processing is still time-consuming. Employees spend hours sorting through documents stored in large file cabinets or overcomplicated data management solutions. Executives who want to future-proof their production struggle to find a digital tool that will help them save paperwork and extensive workforce costs.

Eliminating thousands of manual data
management processes

Digital Oil & Gas Solutions created a unique data management platform for automated processing of all data formats. Built on the latest cloud technologies, it drives smart analytics and reporting for energy and utility companies of tomorrow. We apply our specific templatized approach to adapt and adjust to any data set — paper or digital. The platform represents Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). It can work as your data warehouse, data lake, or converter for data swamp to help you leverage information to the best possible level. We’re able to turn any amount of paper into digital assets, structuring and visualizing it for easy understanding and further navigation.

Key features include
but not limited to:

1. Ability to ingest all types of information

Production data – FlowCal, Field Data Capture, SCADA
Financial data – lease operating costs, pad financials, profit and loss
Land data – obligations, leases, right-of-ways
Forecast data – production forecasts from Aries-like systems
Unstructured data – paper, PDFs
Semi-structured data – spreadsheets, smartsheets
Structured data – application databases (ERP, CRM, ETRM)

2. Cloud-native consumption-based model for all forms of data

We designed our own consumption-based business model to ensure that you pay only for what you use and keep in hot, warm, and cold storages. No hidden fees, overcharges, or additional expenses on hardware devices.

3. Safe and seamless integration with existing applications and infrastructures

Our platform easily adjusts to your legacy data sources and any architectural solutions. Robust API and ETL help migrate data between apps and warehouses faster and without security risks.

4. Ability to create master tables

Control every corner of your lands and analyze all your assets exposure, including wells, meters, routes, and tanks. Be well versed in what assets you have or don't have, improve your business operations, and speed up newcomers' onboarding.

5. Staging of application data

Create reporting environments that combine different data sets for swift analysis. Make your information easy to find, interpret, and update. Structure all the data as it suits you and provide role-based access levels to individual users.

6. Guaranteed data security

The solution encrypts all PII data and ensures full compliance with HIPAA requirements. You get secure cloud storage — we do not store or process your data.

How DMaaS benefits your business

End-to-end data management support model


DMaaS solution creates digital twins of your assets, providing tools and resources to leverage various data sources across all time zones. We can take any document or land artifact, whether structured, unstructured, or semi-structured, and get it into data tables for reporting or land systems. You get complete digitization of all assets regardless of company format or industry. This model allows you to start small, then grow to any needed heights.

No paperwork,
free office space


Our data lifecycle management application turns thousands of manual tasks into digitally automated processes. You significantly reduce the required amount of paperwork, and no physical space for file cabinets is needed anymore. Instead, you get a well-defined, searchable virtual library of properly categorized and structured files. Able to support any source system, we also provide scanned images of all original documents.

Lower operating costs, increased staff productivity


Through DMaaS, you receive timely information much faster, which reduces operating and labor costs. One of the long-term benefits is that you get limitless access to data you already own. Our service helps you free up employees and focus them on value-generating tasks. As we turn two-hour processes into two-minute ones, you won't need extensive human resources to manage vast amounts of data.