Digital Oil
& Gas Solutions

to deliver performance and focus on cost takeout thought out the oil and gas value chain

Who We Are

We believe that industry experience matters. That's why we've brought together skilled experts with a proven track record, a strong background in the oil and gas industry, and deep insight in data analytics. We know your top-of-mind concerns, understand your challenges, but most importantly, we know how to help you.



Meet the Team

Mike Orr


Raised in the Oklahoma oilfields and worked on pulling units and drilling rigs. Leverages over 25 years in Oil and Gas to help corporations optimize performance and lower operating costs.

Matt Medici


Knows all the ins and outs of the IT industry. Brings more than 20 years of expertise to his work with energy companies empowering them to deliver innovation and growth

What We Do

To add immediate value to business operations, we offer data-driven oil and gas business solutions designed to facilitate your shift from physical to digital. Optimize your processes and reinforce them with emerging technologies to boost performance, fine tune your assets, and reduce operating costs.




IT Support Services

Monitor, streamline, and modernize your operations with integrated oil and gas IT solutions that reveal the value at speed and scale. We take on the entire digital strategy execution to help you optimize the performance of your pivotal equipment and assets

Oil and Gas Consulting Services

We advise large oil corporations, oilfield service firms, renewable energy companies, and investors on how to maximize the value of existing resources and assets, integrate the latest innovations, and formulate a feasible strategy to build an economic moat

Well Monitoring & Management Solutions

Move beyond merely keeping your business afloat. Help it thrive with emerging technologies, data-driven oil and gas solutions, efficient operations, and ultimately reduced costs. Make your processes safer, cheaper, and more reliable with our oil and gas IT products

Our Solutions

A TurnKey well monitoring system offering cost-efficent, smart operations that monitor your assets for just a few dollars a day.

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Use Cases

The use of IoT in Oil & Gas to Lower Well Maintenance Costs

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Oil & Gas Companies into Paperless Innovators Invoice Automation Solution

How Digital Oil and Gas Solutions Helps Businesses During Mergers and Acquisitions

How Companies Capitalize on Their Data Using Data Management as a Service


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