Consulting services

Pricing rollercoaster, decreasing demand, decarbonization trends, and the "new normal" working conditions put the energy sector under great pressure. That's why digital business transformation became imperative to stay in the lead. Companies need organizational velocity, agility, and structured approach to beat the odds in every transformation area. However, too often, they lack the vital capacity and capability to take this quantum leap. So, how do our oil and gas consulting services help clients solve this problem?

How We Help the O&G Sector Survive Any Disruption

Digital O&G Solutions specializes in the production, operations, corporate systems, and digital transformation consulting services for both IT and OT. We help executives shape strategies that fuse business and technology into one perfectly synchronized mechanism to generate growth and provide a competitive advantage. Our consulting unit possesses application-agnostic, in-depth experience in both green and brown fields implementations.

Areas we cover:

  1. ERP selection and optimization
  2. Data conversion of systems
  3. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  4. Document digitization
  5. Business processes optimization
    • RPA
    • Workflow
    • OCR/scanning
    • Blockchain
  6. Datawarehouse and data exchange
  7. Data cleansing
    • Business associates
    • Accounting cost centers
    • Suspense management
    • Master data management
  1. Digital strategies
    • Cloud migrations
    • Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)
    • Document management system retirement using cloud tools
    • Cloud ETL services
    • Business intelligence
      • Data modeling
      • Decision intelligence (AI-based)
      • Reporting/dashboards
      • Data science
    • Application development
    • Managed services
  1. SCADA optimization
  2. FlowCal optimization 
  3. IoT / communications
  4. Field data capture / field route optimization
  5. Delivery system optimization
  6. Well file management and digitization
  7. Well system management optimization (any platform)
  1. Land system optimization and cleanup
  2. Land data management
  3. Land document digitization
  4. Land data conversion (mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures)

Digital O&G Solutions Consulting Process

We follow a proven methodology replicated across multiple companies:

We are a trusted, reliable technical partner that helps deliver visible and sustainable improvements for every link in your value chain. Always staying abreast of the latest industry innovations, we guide you from start to finish when it comes to adopting new business models.


Meet you where you're at with your obstacles


Apply our principles of GSD – Get Stuff Done


We measure our delivery in days and weeks, not months or years


We're working and running at the pace your company needs us to — at a fair price for a fair number of days


Time is money — period. We save your costs, not increase them

Why Turn to Digital Oil and Gas Solutions Consulting Department?

We are the production owners and operators, so we have different skill sets and expectations than those who've never been off the carpet or the business end of a 36 inch. Our in-depth knowledge of field operations allows us to cover the needs of upstream, midstream, and downstream companies of any size and deliver real value to clients at a rapid speed.

We advise large corporations, renewable energy and service firms, investors, and growing companies on how to:

Digital O&G Solutions consultants provide energy experience from some of the best companies in the industry. Those are the people who have worked in actual production enterprises, not consulting firms. Hence, you get firsthand experience from your side of the table. We help assess, analyze, select, and implement solutions to solve real-world problems based on where your company is at in its transformation journey.

maximize the long-term value of resources

extend the life
of assets

integrate the latest technological innovations

formulate a feasible transformation strategy

use data insights to ensure business resiliency

improve customer and employee experience