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How Oil and Gas Companies Can Compete in the Low-Carbon Future

Moreover, even after facing a 30% decrease in demand, industry leaders are required to respond to the declared energy transition efficiently….

Skill Gaps in the Oil and Gas Industry Hinder ROI: What Companies Should Do

Digital transformation is an integral part of the 2021 business landscape. However, too often, the oilfield workforce is not ready…

“I’m An Operator, so I Know What It’s Like to Be on the Other Side”—Mike Orr, President of Digital Oil & Gas Solutions

Below are excerpts from the conversation between Mike Orr, President of Digital Oil & Gas Solutions, Collin McLelland, Co-Founder and…

A Comprehensive Data Management Strategy is Vital for Oil and Gas Companies

Data management in all its glory  However, just connecting IT devices and collecting data is not enough, so today we’re…

Digital Twin Architecture for Oil and Gas Systems: What You Should Know Before You Start

As a result, today’s generic digital twin architecture (GDTA) has new dimensions and use cases that companies can benefit from….

Remote Technology to Become Inevitable in the Oil and Gas New Normal

What the new normal of oil and gas companies is Remote technology turned out to be the ultimate solution to…

Net-Zero by 2050: What Technologies O&G Leaders Need to Get There?

The part the O&G industry plays in reaching the net zero emissions goal Obviously, the Paris Agreement can’t remain on…

oil and gas cyber resilience BG
Cyber Resilience Best Practices for Oil and Gas Officers and Boards

Cyber resilience: Who is in charge? In some companies, they see cybersecurity as a narrow responsibility of a digital department….

Improving Oil and Gas Enterprise Efficiency with Data

Selecting a path of data analysis is just the first step. But it’s also the ability to translate oil and…

How Connectivity in the Energy Sector Can Boost Oil and Gas Production

IoT connectivity and big data analytics are the two pillars of higher productivity in the energy sector. They enable companies…

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