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Cyber Resilience Best Practices for Oil and Gas Officers and Boards

Today’s oil and gas industry is not the same as it used to be. Digitalization has saturated all its spheres:…

How Connectivity in the Energy Sector Can Boost Oil and Gas Production

With digital transformation driving the future of the world economy, the oil and gas industry is taking advantage of innovations….

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Digital Convergence Implies Risks: How to Protect Business from Cyberattacks

Last year, cyber threats were named the fourth most common concern among CEOs. Today, they go right after the pandemic…

Building Business Resilience in Oil and Gas

The increased remote work and lower industrial demand for energy and materials caused by the pandemic have put business resilience…

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas: How to Drive the Energy Reality of Tomorrow

Oil and gas professionals frequently reckon digital technologies as drivers to increase productivity and obtain competitive resources. Implementing new tools…