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6 Things You Should Know Before Switching to Digital Document Management 

3 key benefits of digital document management for oil and gas enterprises  First, let’s face it—nobody likes to deal with…

A Comprehensive Data Management Strategy is Vital for Oil and Gas Companies

Data management in all its glory  However, just connecting IT devices and collecting data is not enough, so today we’re…

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Cyber Resilience Best Practices for Oil and Gas Officers and Boards

Cyber resilience: Who is in charge? In some companies, they see cybersecurity as a narrow responsibility of a digital department….

How Connectivity in the Energy Sector Can Boost Oil and Gas Production

IoT connectivity and big data analytics are the two pillars of higher productivity in the energy sector. They enable companies…

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Digital Convergence Implies Risks: How to Protect Business from Cyberattacks

Here we will investigate what to focus on while getting prepared for the worst and what measures will prevent loss…

Building Business Resilience in Oil and Gas

Ubiquitous remote work and lower industrial demand for energy and materials caused by the pandemic have put business resilience in…

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas: How to Drive the Energy Reality of Tomorrow

The foreseen digital transformation in oil and gas industry has been expected for a while, and COVID-19 has accelerated the…