who we are

Digital Oil & Gas Solutions was created by industry professionals
with decades of fieldwork experience. We know exactly how to
help field specialists and business owners. Using our expertise
and latest digital technologies, we turn disruptions into long-
lasting value to increase clients' business productivity and revenue

We provide straightforward & cost-efficient solutions for all sectors:




Oil and gas companies face
formidable challenges 24/7
They seek solutions to optimize production, management, refining, safety, reporting, logistics, and other areas. And it all comes down to digitalization. But the struggle to find a relevant tool is real
Company key facts
Established in
Headquartered in
Tulsa, OK
Local & Global Expertise
in onshore and offshore O&G companies
"Low cost — high value"
business model
Hands-on field experience
— we were on the end of rod wrenches, know what a dog house is
and hate wet strings of drill stem and tubing