who we are

Digital Oil and Gas Solutions is a 'meet you where you're at' company that fulfills client's business goals. We aim to deliver differently and follow the fit-for-purpose approach.

Time, money, and safety are of utmost importance when it comes to well and land management. Thus, our platforms enable O&G experts to run their businesses based on real-time data and predictable outcomes

We provide straightforward & cost-efficient solutions for all sectors:

maximize the long-term value of resources

extend the life
of assets

integrate the latest technological innovations

key facts


Established in 2019


Headquartered in Houston, Texas


"Low cost — high value" business model


Local and global expertise in onshore and offshore O&G companies


Hands-on field experience — we were on the end of rod wrenches, know what a dog house is, and hate wet strings of drill stem and tubing


Mike Orr

Raised in the Oklahoma oilfields and worked on pulling units and drilling rigs. Leverages over 25 years in oil and gas to help corporations optimize performance and lower operating costs.

Matt Medici

Knows all the ins and outs of the IT industry. Brings more than 20 years of expertise to his work with energy companies empowering them to deliver innovation and growth.​

VP of Data & Analytics
Derek Wilson

Works with unique data and BI solutions for over 23 years. His pragmatic approach to solving problems reduces implementation time and leads to cost savings and higher ROI.

Land Management Advisor
Britt Poe

Certified Professional Landman with a master's degree in Energy Law. Brings 12 years of extensive expertise in all areas of O&G land management and software development in various basins.