Mergers and Acquisition Data Migration Service

The volatile global economy affects the energy sector heavily. Business owners have few ways to survive turbulent times. One of them is the mergers and acquisitions approach that reduces operating costs and brings new major players to the market. However, with acquisitions come piles of documents and massive data sets that require prompt transfer and integration into existing systems. The migration process is unforgiving for losses or inconsistencies, turning it into the main bottleneck even for the industry leaders.

Error-free, seamless data migration platform

Digital Oil & Gas Solutions company offers Mergers and Acquisition Data Migration Service (MADMS) to support you in this uphill struggle. We’ve developed a cloud-based platform with a fit-for-purpose approach at its core. The solution is exclusively designed for companies undergoing an upgrade, mergers and acquisition, divestitures, or new ERP adoption to guarantee no delays in a data validation process. MADMS allows you to sunset all your legacy footprints and implement the data structure that meets your current needs.


1. Multi-phased data cleansing

MADMS performs health checks on source data, identifies blank fields, and sends results back to the source company. The service compares incoming data sets with existing information in target systems to help you close gaps in the data required for migration. We can move AS400 mainframe and client/server systems, access databases, spreadsheets, and many other O&G data platforms.

2. Acquisition architecture

We've built our software on a series of APIs and data structures that facilitate faster data transition from one system to another. It allows you to set up custom validations following distinct values from your target system before loading. Proper mergers and acquisitions data validation at each migration stage enables you to track errors and make corrections immediately.

3. Address validation and bank routing number database

MADMS verifies street addresses based on its recognition capabilities and helps to keep a consistent address structure. We ensure that owners get their checks and correspondence without failures. Your bank routing number is printed on all the required documents and is used to route all financial transactions to an appropriate institution.

4. Mergers and acquisition data audit process

The platform checks on referential integrity to make sure the FBS structure is intact. It assesses certain flags for the correct values, identifies orphans and duplicates, validates certain master data values, and more. All these transformed values are tied back to the source key values as well. You can easily customize the audit process and add more validations for different M&A cases.

5. Revenue and joint interest decks

Ensuring that each revenue check includes a correct amount and is transferred to the right person and address is crucial. Our system automatically marks necessary missing or duplicated data for easy defect reporting, debugging, and verification. It empowers you to create a consistent, valid database for resilient long-term business operations.

How MADMS benefits your business

Data management process that lowers your expenses


You'll accomplish prompt and seamless ingestion of all required data sets from legacy systems and their standardization in the needed format. We proactively boost the data quality and identify referential integrity issues, simplifying the UAT cycle for you significantly. The customizable conversion process and better manipulation of table sets and views result in faster upgrades and reduced costs.

Dynamic land and well workbooks for a quick 'rinse & repeat' process


MADMS provides a customized workbook for land data that consists of templates for lease headers, decks, tracts, contracts, and land obligations. Our platform creates a self-learning workbook for loading wells and zones into your ERP system dynamically for every M&A process. In this way, we ensure successful UAT and go-live, along with quicker, more formalized, and accurate service.

End-to-end data conversion done in several weeks, instead of months


No need to manually enter the necessary data in a system to start documentation Our path for swift data ingestion reduces time on Transition Service Agreements by moving data sets rapidly, without errors. Regardless of your well's size, the approach follows a strict flow of using repeatable templates and procedures to speed up your M&A data migration. You get a simplified workflow tailored to your organization's dynamics.