Energy and utility organizations strive to maximize their business value while minimizing operating expenses.
However, most of them still collect information through existing SCADA infrastructures and conventional pigging manually. It’s a time-consuming, costly process, full of errors.

Transforming vast amounts of daily generated data into actionable insights becomes almost mission impossible. Companies struggle to find a single digital tool that effortlessly combines information from multiple platforms and visualizes it to help leadership make timely decisions.

Reducing operating costs by 50% and manual
effort by 25% with IoT

Digital Oil & Gas Solutions developed Well Manager — a world-class monitoring system that ensures cost-efficient, smart field operations. It’s a tailored IIoT solution that harnesses the best capabilities of cloud computing, AI, ML, and digital field data capture technology (FDC). Our platform tracks all your assets for just a few dollars a day. It empowers you to embrace a proactive business model by having all the well monitoring data available 24/7.

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Our turnkey O&G asset monitoring service includes:


Sensors installation following the best field practices


Battery and solar power edge device


Cellular or satellite communication solutions


Cloud storage and asset monitoring dashboard


C1D1 and C1D2 certifications


OPEX pricing at a ratable daily cost

Key features

1. Online copy of your infrastructure

By combining the IIoT framework with the best-in-class mapping software, Well Manager creates a digital twin model of your production line. You can monitor your assets, check readings, identify downtime, and continually track your production capacities from anywhere and anytime.

2. Remote control of your assets' integrity

Pull in field sensor readings and remotely check flow, temperature, pressure, and volumes to maximize your production. Be informed with real-time data from all your locations, stored in the cloud and shown on a web dashboard. Create groups of wells and users and get automated alerts on what's happening at your sites.

3. Seamless integration with existing systems

Our platform is vendor-agnostic. It interacts with current components and databases, does not require system migrations, and quickly adapts to new technologies. Well Manager meets you where you're at and integrates with your business processes. Monitoring well supplies has never been this easy.

How well manager benefits your business

Eliminates downtime and speeds up production


Digital twin and remote pigging allow you to leverage the power of ML and gain insights into production, maintenance, improvement opportunities, and assets' performance. Our cloud-based solution gives you a single and accurate view of all production sites' status on a 24-hour basis, disregarding the location. You can observe all the vital metrics, analyze them through the dashboard, and substantially improve business productivity and agility based on the results.

Ensures cost-efficient, predictive maintenance


Using Well Manager, you will move from reactive to proactive workflow, reducing safety issues and required support. Our platform constantly monitors your network and instantly notifies you about potential problems. It paves the way for predictive maintenance, optimized costs and effort, and better production environment management. You will prevent any asset or operational failures.

Improves staff productivity and working conditions


Manual monitoring of wells, reservoirs, meters, tanks, pumpjacks, and pipelines is resource-heavy, expensive, and sluggish. Well Manager takes over these tasks and eliminates the associated challenges and operating costs. You can optimize the workforce by minimizing the need to send staff for manual on-site assets monitoring. Hence, ensure better employee safety and reduce nonproductive time and environmental impact.