Field Data Capture Application (FDCA)

Intelligent digitalization journey requires daily analysis of large data sets collected from O&G assets. It takes time and skills and, thus, money. In the meantime, a well management flow still heavily depends on manual monitoring and paper grease books. It affects companies’ ability to tend their production cycle effectively.

Providing round-the-clock data insights with field data capture solution

To help you make accurate, timely business decisions using your favorite device, we developed an iOS mobile app to monitor oil and gas well activity. It works both online and offline. This field data capture application (FDCA) allows tracking all sites, wells, meters, tanks, compression, and even EHS and Greenhouse requirements. It shows every single route in your company, even if there are hundreds of them. What’s more, our app provides the American Petroleum Institute standard calculations on all production-based activities.

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Key features include
but not limited to:

1. Automated calculation of oil and gas production

Just enter the required metrics and FDCA will automatically calculate the amount of gas or oil for mandatory daily production. After you’ve established the benchmarks for a specific date, the app stores and carries forward the stated metrics for the dates ahead. You can choose what parameters to use for calculations — orifice, tube size, coefficient, temperature, pressure, cycles.

2. Capture of all venting, cycle times, and site production for regulatory reporting

No need for manual calculations or frequent on-site visits anymore. FDCA provides a 30-day production management history review of all assets and on-site visits. Critical information is stored in one place, where you can see the site name, number of its assets, and whether all the data is correct and your site functions properly. Our solution presents data sets and metrics based on the specific type of well you monitor.

3. Flawless integration with Scada-Lite

You can operate your lands solely with the app or by connecting it with Scada-Lite as well. In the app, you need to enter or change some metrics manually. But if you sync it with Scada-Lite, all the data will be transferred and updated automatically.

4. Automated calculation of tank production

You get automatically calculated tank productivity based on either sensors data, stick, or tank size tape volumes (height, capacity) and strap factor. The app evaluates tank volume based on the top gauge metric and doesn't allow you to enter the value higher than your tank's actual capability.

5. Inspection questionnaires for AST, Dike, and all maintenance activities

You can check any asset using various search filters and create inspection questionnaires in seconds. The app shows the last 10 physical visits made to a particular site. It's an actual visit history with all the details on field operations and tenders. You get a list of reasons for someone's visit, notes, directions to the site (with an option to add them manually), and site inspection reports with all the applicable activities. And you can grant access rights to routes based on a user's role in a company.

6. Ticketing system for disposal, hauling, and transfers of all liquids

FDCA has an intuitive interface with user profile and picture, easy to use forms, and a ticketing system. When your tank is too full, quickly create a ticket for somebody to come drain it into a truck. The platform automatically recognizes and differentiates oil and water tanks, providing appropriate types of tickets to create. It also automatically re-estimates produced barrels based on tank volume and adjusts results considering tank drainage tickets.

How FDCA benefits your business

Accelerates O&G digital business transformation


You can focus on generating more business value by getting the latest data at the right time in our app. The digital twin model and all the data are stored in the cloud and accessible 24/7. The solution enables continuous digitization of your production and streamlines field workers' operations. You can update data when required while capturing an audit trail of all the processes.

Reduces dependency on manual data processing


FDCA is a bridge between incoming well management data and manual work still needed for wells supervision. It's straightforward and requires short-time training. You can enter wells' information via mobile devices in several clicks, eliminating dozens of manual processes and paperwork. What's more, the app provides automated alerts if something is wrong with your sites.

Facilitates affordable and fast wells portfolio management


Our highly secure application lets you control assets and equipment performance throughout an entire O&G value chain at any time, from any location. Without physically visiting the site, you get an estimated production amount daily. The built-in ticketing for gauges and products allows capitalizing on the faster transfer of liquids. You can automatically track and govern all maintenance-related activities, downtimes, meter readings, and shipments.

Increases workforce productivity and cuts maintenance costs


Depending on the site's type and the amount of production there, workers can go into the field every two-three days or three-four weeks. FDCA reduces the number of physical visits by allowing you to monitor everything remotely. You will see what requires changes and how to treat sites based on detailed data. You can automatically transfer all the relevant data from FDCA to production meetings, reporting, and revenue department, thus, do allocations daily if needed.